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Dolomites Trekking- Italy

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African Safari-Tanzania

Dolomites Trekking- Italy

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I hiked with TJ in December 2014 at a weight loss camp. I was very out of shape and over weight and unhealthy. Hiking never even crossed my mind. My dad had been hiking with TJ all week and signed me up for an EXTRA CHALLENGE hike. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and scared for my dad who has balance troubles. TJ was EXCEPTIONAL! She was not just there supporting my dad and ensuring his safety every step of the way but she was encouraging and teaching our group to make it to the Sandstone peak. As we were making our way to the top I froze from fear of the height (I had never been afraid of heights) but TJ helped me physically and mentally. Something I will never forget is when she said to me ” you can do this…you’ll never forgive your self if you don’t take this opportunity.” She was right…This new challenge would have never sparked my interest and my new found love would not have been discovered. This September we are challenging ourselves to Mt Whitney and when I reach that summit I can add a special thanks to TJ!!! Hands down TJ is the best! Adrian W Traveling with TJ Hiker, Inc is an amazing experience. I have traveled internationally with TJ on 3 different trips, Tanzania, Africa Costa Rica, and Peru. What I love about traveling with TJ Hiker is that you get to meet and travel with new people and each trip is customized for what you are looking for in a vacation. Whether you are looking for a little R & R on the beach, or want to challenge yourself to try waterfall repelling or white water rafting, TJ Hiker has activities for all interests and levels. People who have different interests can still travel together and enjoy the experience. I recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on one of TJ Hiker's trips, I felt safe, well cared for, and supported the entire trip. TJ Hiker prices are very reasonable and worth every penny. I don't have a lot people in my life who are able to travel with me and I know that when I go on a TJ Hiker trip, I will have a whole new group of friends. It is always are great time. Definitely recommend this company! Karen E., 2018 Tami L When I was first introduced to hiking, I didn’t like it at all. But after 20 years of overwork and little physical activity, I was trying to get into shape. A few people told me about Half-Dome in Yosemite and I decided I would make it my fitness goal to climb it in six months. TJ Hiker and her excellent staff of hiking guides were strongly recommended to me for training. I knew very little about endurance hiking, but by training with TJ and her guides, I learned everything from the best equipment to buy to how to conserve energy by stepping smarter. But most importantly, I was inspired to change how I felt about myself and what I was capable of doing in life. I received so much encouragement that my life was completely changed forever. Not only did I climb Half-Dome, but six months after that I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. And now I’m on my way to Machu Picchu in Peru. These are all adventures that I have signed up for and trained with TJ Hiker that I previously would have never thought were possible for me to achieve. For anyone who wants to hike and explore the world, but never thought they could or don’t know where to start, TJ Hiker is a great resource. There are hiking weekends, equipment seminars and hiking trips to amazing places. All with other people who love to hike. And the best thing about TJ Hiker is you don’t outgrow what there is to try. Now that I feel so much more confident about hiking, I’m going to explore some of the rock climbing and extended backpacking options. I will be forever grateful to TJ Hiker and the wonderful people I have met for motivating me to change my life in such a wonderful and meaningful way! In the mountains, I found me! Traci P., July 2019 When I booked my trip to Peru, which included hiking the four-day Inca Trail, the goal was to check another “big ticket” item off my bucket list. I looked at it as one more thing to accomplish, one more challenge to complete and I did; however, it was so much more than that! The adventures that TJ puts together are second to none! The care, consideration and attention to detail spills over from start to finish. Not only is she an invaluable resource; she was instrumental in creating a life changing experience for all of us! Her guidance led our group to optimal success on the trek and her ability to truly bring people together led to new found friendships. So, would I #goeverywhere? The simple answer to that, if TJ has put it together…ABSOLUTLEY! If I had to sum up my experience in one word, it would be PRICELESS! I have gone on 4 trips to date (3 international)with TJ Hiker. Each have been incredible life changing experiences. TJ is a kind, warm person who goes out of her way to make sure you have he best experiences possible. She pays close attention to detail and makes all of the arrangements for the trips for you. I just show up and enjoy every minute! I highly recommend TJ Hiker trips for anyone who enjoys travel and adventure. I look forward to my next trip! Debby C., 2018 I had a January vacation in Cabo for a friend’s birthday on the calendar. After holiday merriment, I wasn’t feeling as bikini ready as I could be. I knew TJHiker was starting her own hiking company and liked I could take a long weekend to get into shape. I flew to Malibu Thursday night, then hiked Friday through Monday and flew back Monday evening. I liked that the atmosphere was relaxed and that I didn’t have to plan or think about what I would do that day. I burned about 1,500 calories each hike and didn’t feel like I was working out—instead it was fun! It also gave me the opportunity to make some new friends. By the following week, I had my confidence back to frolic on the beach and enjoy my Mexican vacay. I’ve recommended her program to a few friends. Thanks TJHiker! Erika L Nina F., 2018 I recently returned from my 4th Adventure Trip with TJ- 3 weeks in Africa which included Mt Kilimanjaro trek, Safari and a trip to Zanzibar It was fabulous- All trips with TJ are focused on taking on new adventures while utilizing local support agencies in each location - this provides a more meaningful trip for me. TJ’s trips also “gives back”. We brought school supplies from home and purchased food at the local markets for the two orphanages we were fortunate enough to visit. I can’t say enough about TJ’s adventures - I have conquered many fears- with her help waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica- climbing one of the top ten rated dangerous climbs at Huayna Picchu in Peru, petting a lion in Tanzania! I have been challenged on each adventure and always feel safe with TJ. Also... met some wonderful people along the way. Lastly.....TJ’s pricing is very reasonable. I will continue to book my trips with TJ! It was an amazing experience! TJ and her crew took great care of us! We hiked a variety of terrains, I felt like I was seeing something new and unique every day. The hikes were challenging, beautiful, and so much fun! I met some great people while hiking with this group. The lunches are delicious and healthy. You will feel fantastic after hiking with TJ! Hiking with TJ will give you an amazing outlook on the capability of yourself as well as the beauty of natures simplicity. Derrius J Kate T I have to give a special “thank you” to TJ Jerome (Tjay Hiker) who got me through the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. She was not only my group leader and hiking guide, but also a paramedic and psychologist. The second day of the hike was the worse day for me, both physically and mentally. I was “done” in every since of the word and if I could have quit, I seriously would have, but it was literally too late to turn around and the only way out was forward. She talked me through two emotional breakdowns that night and stopped a third from happening on Thursday, all because of exhaustion and physical pain. Today she put on her paramedic “hat” and got me physically ready to finish today!! She and the rest of this amazing group got me to the end today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Check out www.tjhiker.com and hike with TJ – she is amazing at what she does!!! I can't say enough about my travel experiences with TJ... third trip is in the books! Costa Rica, Oregon, and most recently, the Inca trail to Machu Picchu! Her worldwide travel and adventure experience is second to none and comes through in all phases of the journey. From pre-trip to getting home, she was always there for me. These kinds of trips can often present uncontrollable challenges such as weather, flight issues, cultural and language barriers, and sometimes illness or injury... But she remains calm and provides a level of support and comfort that turns what some might see as a "major issue" to just a hiccup. I'll be doing another trip with her in July 2020 and I know it will be both amazing and rewarding!! Kristina C., October 2019